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• The Route Of Gold (b)log

Posted by Niklas på fredag 14 mars 2008

engelskflagga_liten.jpg This is a historic moment. It is the first time ever I write in this blog in english. Welcome to follow ”The Route Of Gold Race” on my blog.

080314-21.00 UTC In the rain, on the water outside New York nearly 300 yachts leave the starting line, heading south.
The weather report looks very interesting. Light and changing winds will put the sailors to a test during the next days and nights. Further south there are islands to watch out for before the fleet reaches the finish at the Panama Canal.
As a recent number one on the ranking list I feel hunted but there are many possible winners.
At the moment ”Tango” is in the 69:th place. Farmor, sailed by my father, is just behind in 73rd place. Farmor is swedish for grand mother. My brother with the boat Jepsom is down on place 171. But it is a long way to go. In the lead just now I can see the swedish boat gashagamarina, and in second the spanish XMANIA. Now it is time to sleep for us here in Sweden

080315-07:25 UTC I has been a hard night (Swe time) with many tacks. Both ”Tango” and Farmor was for a moment in the lead, and many boats find ”green stuff” called land. The wind has increased, now 9 m/s. In the lead at the moment we find Hotspur from Finland. Another finnish boat is Laiska in 9th place. In 10th place is the US boat mookie2. ”Tango” is now in 28:th, Farmor 39 och brother Jepsom is 37. Its still raining here outside the US coast.

080315-14.00 UTC Laiska is in the leading position, but it is still 1635 Nm to finish line. The fleet is just outside Virginia Beach.
The wind is now turning round to nortwesterly and in few hours a low preasure is passing over the sailing area.
My brother Jepsom is now in 3rd place and ”Tango” is in 6th place. The brasilian boat Amigo do Boteco, on the west side of the fleet is going well and is now placed in 5th.In the game my boat is named Tangosailingpunktnu. Punkt is swedish for dot.

080316-07.10 UTC What a night (Swed. Time) The low pressure mixed the fleet lika a tombola. The eastern part of the fleet is now the leading pack. US boat mookie2 is the leader in front of ChrisBSS. The yesterday leader, finish boat Laiska is down on 68th place. I don’t think it is what he had planed for. Tangosailing is 4 Nm in front of Laiska. Further back in the list we find Farmor in 93:rd place and Jepsom in 108. Jepsom was in 3:rd place 17:00 UTC. Now we are heading south east for Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti. Windward Passage? Interesting name… 750 Nm left to that passage. Now the crew wants breakfast.

080316-20.30 UTC We’re back in the top of the fleet.  Tango, Laiska, SWE54, Jepsom, Flamma01, Grilo, SWE1301 and Farmor is the top-8 group. The wind turns to north and decreasing. It feels like a finishing stretch, but it’s over 1000 Nm left to Panama. I need to sleep! This is exciting!

080317-04.00 UTC This looks interesting! The wind is changing and decreasing. At the leaderboard Flamma01 is first but mediterrados has the shortest way to east end of Cuba. It is soon time for me to go to work. I hope that I can look at my boat from the computer at the work. There is lots of smal green islands in front of the fleet. Watch out for them…

080317-18.30 UTC Cuba in sight! The finish boat Laiska is now in the leading position. In second place comes Flamma01 like a shadow behind Laiska, and just on the starbord side, Tango. There is now 740 Nm to Panama. Jepsoms day was good, and he is now placed at 6th place. Farmor was gambling around the islands with no good results. But 14th place isn’t bad. Before start woodi tell us that Farmor is the winner, but I think he is wrong…
Laiska don’t look back!

080318-05.20 UTC Not a good night. I was tired and missed a delayed command. But Laiska and Flamma01 is near me like a shadow. They follow every move I make.


080318-16.00 UTC 218 views on my blog yesterday, nice  🙂 Just now it is 300 Nm left to the finnish line. The battle between Laiska, Tango and Flamma01 goes on. On the east side Grilo is number one on the list. But when the wind is turning back thru north he is gone, I think…. My brother Jepsom sailed well during the night and is now in 8th place. Watch out for Jepsom! Who is Flamma01? Somebody knows anything about ?

080319-05.40 UTC Panamas is in Sight! The winner is the finnish boat Laiska. Second is Flamma01, but it was very close. Jepsom sailed well during the night and take the 3rd place just ahead of Tango. Farmor also sailed very well during the night and is just now 12 Nm from finish and sailing for a 11th place. Results >>>
It was a tough night, not much sleep. I took a chance and change from east to west side, but no… Laiska and Flamma01 was to fast for me this time.

080319-11.20 UTC Nice to sleep the coming night! Farmor made a very good finish of the race and took the 10th place. Well done!
Tango is still in the top of the SYC ranking. ”I need 250 races to pass Tango” says Laiska after the finish of the Route Of Gold.
Now we are waiting for the next part of the Route Of Gold.
Thanks Kalle and Jakob for a wonderful race.


11 svar to “• The Route Of Gold (b)log”

  1. Laiska said

    No worries Tango. In no time we will back to the top again 🙂

  2. Jepsom said

    Agree with Laiska here…it´s called strategy…(look in to the future) 😉 But I was kinda worried when I woke up this morning. Now I think that the west-pack will be the big winners. 🙂

    //littlebrother Jepsom

  3. Niklas said

    …I was a little bit worried in the morning too. But now it feels good.
    I bland blir ju inte trategin som man tänkt sig. Jag trodde inte att vi skulle vara så långt efter som vi va i morse.

  4. Laiska said

    What did I say? Looks quite nice at the moment. Unfortunately u r still ahead of me…

  5. Laiska said

    I do not think we need to worry about mediterrados. Instead the fight for top honours seems to be between u and me;-)

  6. Laiska said


    Our TWA120-all-night-long -trick worked just perfectly!

    Lots of sleep + reeled in almost 10 nm on you, Tango!

  7. Laiska said

    Yes, a facinating race again. I must admire your skills in ”biodynamic” computer sailing. You provided us and our routing software a truly hard fight again.
    It was funny, sunday morning we were like 120th, some 70 nm after the leaders, and still able to claim back the top spot ;-). I am especially proud of the two TWA nights: the TWA120 sunday night I mentioned earlier, and the TWA142.5 last night, that secured the win, and allowed me to sleep properly…
    Last night was also intresting in that sense, that there seemed to be a lot of ”playgroud” when it comes to possible routes between Haiti & finish, but u just had to position the boat perfectly when it was entering the calmer & backing wind area close to shore. I set the boat @ TWA 142.5 about 2100 UTC, made a little correction @ 0100 UTC, then woke up again @ 0430 to make the final adjustements. And it all came out just perfectly. But I have to admit, we played little tactics on you, instead of strategy, just to secure a double win for our team (Laiska & Flamma01, my younger brother). Even that worked better than expected, as Jepsom was able to finish ahead of you ;-).
    Looking forward to the next leg, it’s bound to be a hard fight again!

  8. Laiska said

    Heh, I made an error in calculation, and was overly pessimistic about the rankings.
    It will only take me some 50 races to pass you Tango, with this kind results ;).

  9. kalleh said

    Not to mention – the ranking system is in for a overhaul soon!

  10. Laiska said

    Next start tomorrow… my calculations show that the leg Panama to San Francisco will take some 10 days to finish. Huh!

  11. BOWES said

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!


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