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• TransPacific (b)log

Posted by Niklas på lördag 19 april 2008

080419-19.45 UTC Time for (virtual) sailing again! This time we sail 90ft. monohulls from San Francisco to Hawaii. The weather looks very interesting. A big high pressure is moving from north to south, just over the course. Many boats is heading south to be in front of this high with downwind. Some boats is heading more northerly to go on the back side of the high, maybe shorter way and more wind but eveb wind against. We will se later which way was right…. Jakob is just now the most northerly. I take the middle way, just now. My brother Jepsom, the winner of the VenerRace heading more south, like Farmor. And now the hole family is out on the virual sea. My mother has just enter the race with Mistli. On my port side I can see the Italian boat Grilo, and just behind I have Kalle, the Sailonline-man. This is a long race, more than 2000 Nm, so everything can happen…

080420-16.45 UTC Back to the blog. It’s morning on the Pacific. The wind decrease and the sun shines from the blue heaven. The centre of the high is now about 450 Nm ahead. It is nice to se woodi in the top af the leaderboard. Woodi is a fun guy from Örebro in the middle of Sweden, and he has never sailed in real life. Go woodi go! North or south? That’s the question! In the northern part of the fleet we can see Jakob, Kalle, Laiska and Legend. In the southern part we can see wetstuff, bwha, Wiz and Cruzist. Tango is up in the north so I think the northern course is the right way….

080421-16.20 UTC The high pressure is now parking just in the middle of the fleet. Here in the north we have about 5 m/s and we are now looking forward for the next high. Just now i think it looks god for me and the boats near me. In some minutes woodi was in the lead on the leaderboard, but now he has falling down to 13th. In the south there is a gybing race 😉 Numer one is at the moment Oceanone.
I heard that borrasca have sharkfin soup for dinner…They have not much wind down there, so the have time for some fishing.
Of course, Grilo is Brazilian sorry. There is lots of brazilian sailors racing on sailonline.org and ”everyone” has the word ”boteco” in there boat name, and now I now that ”boteco” is ”pub” in english.
Soon there is an new leader in the St. Malo Timed Race 😀

080422-19.55 UTC Now we have good winds here up in the north, but the wind is SW, and Tango has made many tacks, to many maybe, but I have my ideas for our sailing. Tango is at the moment in the 5th place on the leaderboard. The leader is Elonaeus, from Sweden i think. In second place we find SWE1, IOM-sailor from Stockholm, Sweden. It has been tight beating the last 24 hours. I’ve seen many boats naer us.
On the other side of the high pressure, the south group have downwind. The south pack leads by Rolo and Jepsom, but on the leaderboard they are down in 150 to 200 place.
It is about 1250 Nm left to Hawaii, five to six days. Things can happen. High pressures comes and goes…. And in St Malo Timed race wwwTANGOSAILINGnu is the new leader 😀

080423-16.50 UTC Wednesday morning on the Pacific Ocean and Tangosailing is still heading south. But it is soon time to tack. The wind is going to turn more from south. At the moment we have the finnish boat Laiska and SWE54 on our starbord side and another finnish boat CanCan IV on port side. We are now the most southerly boats in the north group. The south group still leads by my brother Jepsom. I just talked to him on the phone and he reported good speed and nice weather. The leaderboard looks like this; 1) AcmeRacing, 2) COP, 3) zowee. Yesterdays leader Elonaeus is down in 47th place. Tango is number 40, Jepsom number 92, Mistli 107 and Farmor 130.

080424-17.42 UTC 770 Nm to Hawaii and the weather looks not easy! I think the routing software sailors have an big advantage in the end of this race. The boats in the northern group hav very different winds. The most northerly boats has began to tack and Tango and the southerly boats has TWA nearly 70-80°. The boats in the south group is going well in the easterly winds. Jepsom and Rolo is in the front.The over all leader martinwahlstrom is in the middle of the north group.
Congratulations to Santaclaus who got a son yesterday. A new online sailor maybe 😉
Now I must go back to studying the weather charts.

080425-18.29 UTC 480 Nm to the end, and, I said this behore, this is very interesting! And the new weather update makes it even more interesting. The north pack with Laiska, SWE1, SWE54, martinwahlstrom and Grumfoss, the south pack with Jepsom, Farmor, Wiz, pererik, CajunQueen and Cruzist, and between the two groups sails Tango alone. The wind turns aginst for me, and decreasing at the moment. Just now I’m in 21 place and Jepsom hunting me from his 58 place. Laiska is number one in front of martinwahlstrom.
I can’t say who is gonna be the first to finish in Hawaii. can you? I guess … Jepsom!

080426-17.55 UTC 218 Nm left to the finish line, Hawaii. wwwTANGOSAILINGnu has during the last 24 hours jumped from 21 to 2 in the leader bord. Im only 1.4 Nm behind the leader Ironfist. but we have a little bit better wind. In the south Jepsom hunting in the 7th place. Yesterday he was 58th. I think Ironfist on my leeward side have a little bit better TWA than me, but I have better wind speed. And what happen in south? Jepsom with friends gained very much this morning, but now they have about same speed as Tango.
The leaderboard >>>

080427-16.50 UTC The first competitors is in Hawaii. Tango lost the second place after taking some chanses for the victory. The second place became a fourth place. First boat arriving Hawaii was the Spanish Ironfist. Well done Ironfist, and congratulations for the first spanish victory! Even the silvermedalist is new for the podium places. Second place for Olga, I think Olga is from US. And the third boat to arrive the finish line outside Hawaii was the swedish SWE1 who take the third place just four minuteas ahead of Tango. The ranking leader, finnish Laiska ended the race in 8th place after a good spurt. Just now i see Jepsom passing the finish line as number 20. Jepsom is the first boat who took the southern route.

The leaderboard >>>


4 svar to “• TransPacific (b)log”

  1. ricos0 said

    Hey Tango –

    Thanks again for the blog in English. After the exciting start on Saturday we have settled in to await our fates in the face of the impending high pressure zone now settling on the rhumb line. It’s like we knew it was going to be there but still can’t quite believe it.

    I am one of those who chose to go way south, now in the company of Cruzist, CaptJack, Moongirl, Wiz, link, and several others. The problem is the wind is veering and getting lighter so it’s hard to keep getting more south to get the better wind velocity below the high. I wish I was even more south and have been toying with the idea of gybing to get into stronger winds. Right now just going with it and see what happens. The main line of boats is starting to break up in the middle, and I’m sure by tomorrow things will not look at all like we expected.

    Fair winds to all and see you all in Hawaii .

    Aha ke kakahiaka?


    He kani ‘ano ‘e loa kela. Ua ‘ai nui anei ‘oe ma ke kakahiaka?

  2. Hey Tango,

    Allways nice to follow your blog, during SOL races.

    Just a slight correction, Grilo is a brazillian guy, from Belo Horizonte, like Woodi, in a city far from seaa (500km) and he has sailed twice, just for fun.

    From Brasil I don’t know how many boats, but from Boteco1 (Brazillian Sailing Mafia as called by Bgosh), we already have 15 and growing, and every body enjoying a lot.

    Nice work from Sail Online People!
    Well Done!!!

    Cheers from Brasil

    Amigo do Boteco1 (in english, Friend of Pub1)

  3. Laiska said

    Hi (=sh*t),
    totally forgot about the St.Malo.
    Gongratz for the leading position there, funny that I still lead u by one (1) point in rankings ;-).
    (Seems I’m not gonna win this one, either)

  4. Jeroen said

    Congratulations Tango with your current 1st place in the St. Malo race, and as always nice work on the blog.


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